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The Scoop... [May. 29th, 2005|05:13 pm]
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Today's Hollywood Scoop:

The Indy 500. One of the biggest race car races in all of the U.S. And not only did this years race feature a woman race car driver but it also featured Ashley Judd's hubby Dario Franchitti. Judd and sister Wynona were in the stand cheering on Franchitti as he was in 3rd throughout most of the 200 laps!

Which summer flick are you most excited to see? This summer is sure to be a blockbuster season!! With Tom Cruises action/thriller flick "War of the Worlds" set to release on June 29th, this film is sure to be amazing. But Tom isnt the only one sucking up the glory, Johnny Depp's classic remake of the family favorite "Charlie and the chocolate factory" is set to release a little later in the summer, it open July 15th and should be fun for the whole family. (even if the father of sexy looks a little funny!!) "Batman Begins" is also set the open over this summer and like "spider-man" and "X- men" this comic book story-come to life movie is sure to be a block buster. Batman takes flight on June 17th. Let us know which flick you are most excited to see!

May 29th is sure a day for celebrity birthdays!! The following celebs are blowing out the candles today:

Rupert Everett is celebrating his 46th birthday today! Happy Birthday Rupert!
Melissa Etheridge is celebrating her 44th birthday today! Happy Birthday Melissa!
LaToya Jackson,M.J's sis, is celebrating her 49th birthday today! Have a good one LaToya!
And if the were still with us today, these celebs would be celebrating their birthdays:
Bob Hope would be celebrating his 102nd birthday today! Rest in Peace Mr. Hope!
Former President John F. Kennedy would be celebrating his 88th birthday today! Peace to our former President. You were taken way to soon.