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The Scoop... [Jul. 1st, 2005|05:12 pm]
[mood |awake]
[music |none]

Today's Hollywood Scoop:

Avril's Engaged!!!! Yep, you heard it! Avril Lavigne is engaged to boyfriend and SUM41 lead singer, Derek Wibley! Avril usually doesn't do everything normal but this is defintely normal, at least for a girl in love! The couple have been dating for a year but have been friends much longer. The both come from Canada, land of bagged milk and free dental. The couple have not set a date yet, but we will keep you posted!

An Orange Simpson!!!! Ashlee just can't seem to make up her mind on hair colors!! The pop star has now dyed her hair, ORANGE! Yeah, we were horrified too!! But is this Simpson Sis Smokin' or Chokin' with her hair! Let us know!!

Time to Blow out those candles, cuz some celebs are celebrating their birthdays!:

Debbie Harry, singer, is celebrating her 60th birthday today!! Happy Birthday Debbie!!
Pamela Anderson, Playboy Icon, is celebrating her 38th birthday! Happy Birthday Pam!
Missy Elliot is celebrating her 34th birthday today! Happy B-Day Ms. Elliot!
Liv Tyler, LOTR, 28th birthday today! Happy Birthday Liz and stay young for that baby!